Channel Deletion Filters

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Economy Channel Deletion Filters

Model EBWD - Brick Wall Deletion Filter

Eagle's Brick Wall Deletion Filters are simply the best available for CATV applications. They feature highest attenuation at the unwanted channel and the lowest attenuation of the adjacent channel carriers of any channel deletion filter available in the CATV industry, making Eagle's Brick Wall Deletion Filters truly the Industry's Premier Channel Deletion Filter.

The brickwall deletion filter attenuates the entire spectrum of a single channel, allowing the reinsertion of a new channel or data, while totally preserving the adjacent channel carriers.
See our Analog Brick wall data sheet(PDF) for more details.
See our Digital Brick wall data sheet(PDF) for more details.

Brick Wall filters to delete multiple channels are also available, Request a Custom Bandstop Filter.

Tubular Channel Deletion
Model CD

A Channel Deletion filter is an economical filter designed to remove the entire 6 MHz television channel, allowing another source to be re-inserted onto the now vacated channel.
See our Channel Deletion Filter Data Sheet(PDF) for more details.
If the source is a converter box or another source that may put out spurious Signals or sidebands you should consider one of our Channel Insertion Systems.