Plug In Diplex Filters

Plug In Diplex Filters

Diplex Filters are three port devices with a common port, a lowband port and a highband port. Typically used in distribution equipment and headends to combine or separate two different bands of frequencies

DOCSIS 3.1 diplex filters now available. (85/102) 

Standard Upgrade kits 

Eagle part #: ESAF – 40/51 is a direct replacement for SA539377DBN or OEM 539377. The ESAF- 40/51 is used to upgrade from a 30/46 split to a 40/51. These filters are used to upgrade your current SA 375120DBN or OEM 375120 (30/46)

Eagle part #: ESAF-85/102 is now available to replace our ESAF- 40/51.