Quality Leadership

Eagle's value added manufacturing commitment extends beyond the corners the manufacturing floor. 

Eagle products are built to perform and last longer than competitive solutions. Eagle knows that profit is not merely generated by finding cheaper components to assemble. Products must serve their intended purpose whenever they are called upon. Leading commercial and government entities are confident integrating Eagle manufactured goods into their products or systems.

Over 1200 "Dock-to-stock" RF products with world leading communications companies in over 400 locations around the world!

 Quality Manufacturing¬†

Quality manufacturing is a culturally driven disposition. 

Eagle is committed to the acquisition of tools and equipment that enhances quality standards and workforce comfort. With skilled people in place continually monitoring each piece of the manufacturing process and every component within that process, its easy to see how the Eagle Comtronics crest has become synonymous with excellence. With an autonomous workforce Eagle Comtronics relies on the engaged minds of its many skilled workers. Eagle Comtronics works diligently to maintain its primary manufacturing asset. It's workforce.


Quality Components

Eagle Comtronics qualifies suppliers through rigorous quality testing. 

New vendor shipments are thoroughly checked and subsequently monitored during the manufacturing process. Upon the completion of a manufacturing process involving a new component, Eagle conducts appropriate testing to ensure the products lifecycle. 

Eagle uses the highest quality components in it manufacturing process. Particularly desirable to customers who are unwilling to compromise quality for low price, Eagle Comtronics is the preferred vendor for those who demand flawless in-service performance.

Quality Systems

Eagle maintains an array of quality systems designed to detect the slightest variance in specification, RF signal or electrical continuity. 

Using comprehensive metrics, Eagle Comtronics impacts scrap loss at multiple stages within the manufacturing process. At the forefront, quality standards are still predicated by the long-term, dedicated and conscientious American based Eagle Comtronics workforce.