Subscriber anti-tamper Accessories

Installation and Removal Tool
Model 3-IT

Made from plated steel for long life
Spanner tips are stainless steel for durability
7.5" convenient hand length
Accepts drop cable up to RG 6 in diameter

Metal Security Shields

Nickel-plated brass for excellent corrosion resistance.
.028" wall thickness to resist crushing
Reinforced spigot ring to prevent removal
Self-Locking Split Bushing inserts (one pair included) to discourage tampering
Various lengths available for most trap combinations 

Plastic Security Shields

Made from high strength nylon
Six-sided shape meshes with adjacent shield to discourage removal
UV resistant for long life
Various lengths available for most trap combinations.

Also available in Clear Plastic

Removal Tool for Split Bushings

Made from high strength nylon
Model 2-RT
Made from nickel-plated brass for corrosion resistance
Rugged construction for long service life
Easy to use

Anti-Tamper Security Connector

Model SC (Standard Trap)

Model SC-PD (Pad Filter)

Our unique anti-tamper security connectors (Patent Pending) attach to our standard trap and pad style housings. The security connector allows both the trap and the outer ring of the security connector to rotate freely. This prevents removal by standard wrenches. Our special wrenches allow for easy installation and removal by your technicians.

Security Connector Wrenches

Model SC-IT - Standard Trap Security Connector Wrench

Model SC-PD-IT- Pad Housing Security Connector Wrench

These wrenches allow your technician to easily install and remove filters equipped with our anti-tamper security connector.