Quality Features

Exclusive Quality Features

Quality Features

A. Piston-type "O" ring seals with controlled compression for ultimate sealing. Benefits: "O" ring gland is sized for controlled compression and sealing surfaces kept clean and smooth for ultimate sealing. This provides the best, most repeatable "O"ring seals possible.

B. Patented Double "D" Sleeve
Benefits: Anti-rotation and excellent RF isolation. Eagle is the only manufacturer that provides a rigid mechanical interlock between the sleeve and housing for reliability, tamper resistance and stability.

C. RG6 (.040") Conductor with Chamfered Lead-In
(plated to resist corrosion) meets or exceeds SCTE specifications. Benefits: Doesn't tear tap rubber boot and is tapered to easily pass into a mating contact. Larger size means more contact tension for a solid gas free/oxidation free connection with mating contact. Designed to mate and perform with any "F" connector found in today's cable systems.

D. High Performance Compression Seal
Benefits: Excellent dielectric characteristics unlike other filters which use glass seals. Recessed for protruding rubber boots and metal sized for CamPort activation.

E. Patented Shielded Single Circuit Board
Benefits: Reliable signal through path, providing consistent performance, match and continuity throughout every unit and production run.

F. Automated Soldering
Benefits: Provides unified construction with continuous ground for repeatable performance and field reliability. No borderline - intermittent contacts and grounding here. Solid contacts provide solid results.

G. The Latest in Surface Mount Technology
manufacturing utilizes high performance temperature compensate capacitors developed exclusively for Eagle. Coupled with optimized coils and surface mount inductors, our circuits ensure frequency stability and sharper selectivity, even in the toughest environments. Benefits: Superior environmental stability.

H. High Security Crimped Outer Sleeve
with high copper content brass alloy for optimum environmental performance and sealing.

I. Patented Advanced Dome Sealed Collet
Benefits: Provides superior electrical and mechanical characteristics for optimum performance, sealing and reliability.

J. Multipoint Contact, Bridge Metal Design for superior strength and contact with >200 grams retention force. The only F port contact that accepts RG59, RG6 and 7 series cable.

K. Tapered and Circular Entry Guide
Benefits: Positive center conductor entry that accepts up to series-7 conductor (.051" max). Aids the installer by guiding center conductor for a quick, easy and reliable installation.

L. Conventional Hex Drive Providing ease of installation and reducing the number of tools needed. (Hexless available)

M. Patented Unified Construction With continuous ground for repeatable performance and field reliability (RF isolation > -100 db).

N. Female Connector Meets or exceeds SCTE Specifications.

O. Male Connector Meets or exceeds SCTE Specifications.

Quality Features

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